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Welcome To Chestnut Mountain Farms

Live In A Place That’s Close To Heaven

Chestnut Mountain Farms is a 1,400 acre community nestled in a perfect spot near the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. It’s a place where the weather is perfect to enjoy the four seasons, the views are breathtaking, and the wildlife is more than spectacular. In addition to its overwhelming natural beauty, this serene and gated community offers our property owners privacy and many wonderful amenities. Chestnut Mountain Farms is truly the ideal mountaintop getaway.

An Equestrian Community

Chestnut Mountain Farms is the perfect choice for those who love, own and ride horses. We have an equestrian center with a barn available for weekend boarding, and there are 8 miles of nature trails through wooded areas for you to explore on horseback. In addition to being gated, the community has restrictions in place to protect horses, such as no motor vehicles or hunting.

A Quiet, Family- and Earth-Friendly Community

Chestnut Mountain Farms is the place for those who value their privacy and want to spend time with their family and enjoy nature, escaping the traffic, crowds and commercialization of the city. Our community provides a lifestyle and amenities that let you enjoy nature virtually year-round, such as:

  • Riding and hiking trails
  • Picnic areas
  • A gazebo, which includes a fire pit

And that will never change, because Chestnut Mountain Farms is focused on preserving our land and way of life. We are one of the few mountain communities to have covenants and conservation easements to ensure that the area will remain naturally beautiful for decades to come. If you would like to see a document listing our protective covenants, conditions and restrictions, contact us and we will be happy to supply it.

An HOA That Looks Out For You

Chestnut Mountain Farms has an engaged and responsive Homeowner’s Association that makes sure our community standards are met, maintains the roads and trails, and is here to help with any concerns or answer any questions you may have. We will be happy to share our HOA Bylaws with you – simply contact us if you would like to request them. Current HOA members can access HOA documents by logging in here.

An Escape That’s Closer Than You Think

Chestnut Mountain Farms is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, near Wilkesboro, NC. Not only are we situated within an easy drive of many well-established vacation destinations (see our “Things to Do” page), we are also within convenient driving distance of North Carolina’s major cities:

  • Winston-Salem is 90 minutes away
  • Greensboro is 2 hours away
  • Charlotte is 2¼ hours away
  • Raleigh is 3 hours away

You can live in the city and easily spend your weekends and holidays here. Or live here and take a quick day trip to the city whenever you feel the need.